Agorafy Mobile App

Even in the oldest industries, mobile is considered the first screen.Agorafy takes its listing platform to mobile devices ending the necessity of having to be at a computer to search listings and manage subscriptions.


We needed to work with an overseas team to produce a platform that could quickly reload listings within a certain area based on GPS coordinates. The mobile app had to robust enough to capture the full user experience but maintain enough simplicity as slow technical performance. On the other end of the software was the need to managing listing and search subscription to create a mobile experience for both sides of the marketplace.


Real estate listing searches can be a data intensive especially with well-defined filters. This is often conflicting with the simplicity of mobile interfacing. Internally, the team was limited to communicating with our technical team overseas. Small miscommunications could lead to lost production days. We had to build the mobile application in 6 months.


We began by researching current similar apps such as Trulia, Zillow, and Compass.

Then a priority feature list was created based off the criteria of most used and what could be added in while still maintaining a fluid mobile experience.

Pencil and paper wireframes were produced and shared with all departments. Then high-fidelity mockups of the main screen and detailed user flows were created after feedback was collected. Interactive prototypes were produced via Flinto to completely iron out usability. Sketch files were exported to Zeplin and then handed off to the front-end developer.


The final product featured a simple interface with a snap-fast GPS relocating system. Users are able to move their desired search location on the map with the touch of a finger, and the app instantly loads listings based on their search criteria in the new search zone. Users are also able to save listings and manage subscribed searches and listings as it syncs with their Agorafy account, allowing them to continue their experience on desktop or tablet.  

Download the Agorafy Mobile App on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.